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Our experienced professionals knit together the disciplines of mapping, geodetic and engineering surveying, using conventional surveying systems, GPS systems, geographic and land information systems (GIS/LIS), and most recently ground-based 3D High Definition LIDAR Laser Scanning. ABNA’s number one mission is to “Delight our Clients”.  Therefore, we have added LIDAR services to continue to utilize innovation and advanced technologies to exceed our client’s expectations.

LIDAR is a light, imaging, detection and ranging system which provides high definition surveying for planning purposes, buildings, transportation infrastructure, construction, as-builts, and engineering surveys via three dimensional (3D) scanning. Each scanned pixel is assigned a xyz coordinate to create exceptional accuracy, high resolution details, with a cost effective delivery in the shortest amount of time.  For our clients this means savings and a faster project turnaround.

ABNA recently completed a two mile alignment survey for the University City Loop Trolley. Our professionals were safely able to operate the equipment by remote locations to avoid hazardous traffic while simultaneously providing our client with the highest possible detail in the shortest amount of time.  This quality mapping solution can also offer 3D virtual walkthroughs and be exported into AutoCad, Microstation, and ESRI GIS.

The acquisition of LIDAR Technology equipment is a major investment in the way we deliver innovative solutions to our clients.” – Principal/CEO Abe Adewale P.E. 

With over eighteen years of expertise in the engineering and surveying industry, ABNA is a recognized leader known for providing the perfect solution for our customers’ needs. We use the most current and efficient electronic data gathering technology to provide quality mapping solutions for our customers. We are dedicated to creating and implementing advanced solutions that facilitate processes, enhance workflows, and communicate messages in a variety of formats. ABNA’s clients include federal, state, and local governments, and the private sector. They range from Army Corp of Engineers, State DOT’s, Tollway Systems, Water Management Agencies, Transit Agencies and other quasi government agencies. With over 70 employees and offices in St. Louis, Chicago and Southern Illinois, we have serviced multiple clients in the states of Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

We are committed to do what it takes to get the job done better, faster, and more efficiently. Our expertise is developed in a real working environment with real data and real projects. Take some time to explore our services and solutions and learn how we can assist you with your needs.